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About the game:

"Under the blankets" is a short adventure game were you take control of a person in the middle of a panic attack, you must read the text and follow the clues to lower your anxiety levels enough to come back to "normal" and be able to leave your room.

The game was created as part of the "Games for Good" game jam (https://www.facebook.com/games...).

Known Bugs:

The dialogs seem to get de-syncs like 99% of the time, so sorry about that.

The camera can get glitched out and teleport you to a previous room or get stuck randomly.

(of course we will be working on fixing this bugs and having a more playable game in this upcoming weekends)

About the design of the game (spoilers):

The idea is for you to follow along the narrative clues to lower your anxiety, the "sequence" was structured from more "immediate" solution to more "lasting" and on descending order of "anxiety triggering" events.

(For example, taking your pills is the first action you must take because the perceived anxiety from performing this action is less than, say, using the internet to get professional help)

The room changes to reflect your anxiety, so the more anxious you are the bigger the room seems. The layout of the room changes to reflect this disconnect from reality too (in the form of the shadowy objects) and the "shadow ghosts" are suppose to represent that feeling of people judging you that you may feel when you get too anxious.


Andres Mrad (Q-ro) : Game design, Game concept, Story.

Catia Carvalho: Sounds, Interface design, Video, game design.

Diana Gomes: Art and Animations.

Pedro Almeida: Programming and unity stuff

Install instructions

Unzip it and run it basically.


Undertheblankets_Win.zip 39 MB

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